Ballistic missile Agni-II likely to be test fired on Friday

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Preparations are underway for the launch of India’s nuke capable ballistic missile, Agni-II, from the Wheeler Island, off Dhamra island on the Orissa coast on Friday next.

The special unit of Army, Strategic Force Command (SFC) will conduct the launch in association with the scientists of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and support of Integrated test range(ITR), Chandipur. The missile, picked up at random from a clutch of missiles of SFC unit, would be flight tested to test its effectiveness. The Army had already deployed Agni-II in its arsenal. Designed and developed by the Advanced Systems Laboratory, a unit of the DRDO, in Hyderabad, Agni-II, the 20 mt long missile is a two-stage surface-to-surface missile, powered by solid propellants which can carry nuclear warheads over a distance of 2,500 km. The missile can carry a nuclear warhead of one ton, ITR sources said.


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