North Korea Conducts Ejection Test of Sub-Launched Missile

The Washington Free Beacon

North Korea recently conducted a test of an ejection launcher that U.S. intelligence agencies assess is part of Pyongyang’s recently discovered submarine-launched ballistic missile program. The test simulated the initial stage of boosting a missile out of a submarine launch […]


US Report: China’s Nukes Getting Bigger and Better

Defense News

A Chinese media depiction of the potential destructive effect of a MIRV-capable ICBM on Los Angeles TAIPEI, TAIWAN — A new congressional-funded report paints a dark picture of China’s nuclear weapons and missile modernization efforts. The report, issued Nov. 19, […]

China unveils new FM-3000 short-to-medium range air defense missile system at AirShow China.

Army Recognition

At China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition 2014 (AirShow China), CASIC (China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation) displays FM-3000, a new generation of mobile air defense missile system. The FM-3000 is an advanced short-to-medium range air defense missile weapon system. […]