Winnefeld: U.S., Partners’ Missile Defense Capabilities Improving as Threats Increase

John Grady

The vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff described the nation’s efforts in domestic and regional missile defense as “being on an upward trajectory,” smiling in acknowledging his own quip, in a speech Tuesday. Adm. James “Sandy” Winnefeld, speaking […]

Here are the most damaging claims about the UK’s Trident nuclear missile system made by the navy whistleblower

Business Insider

Navy whistleblower William McNeilly is now in the custody of military police in Scotland following the publication of a report alleging serious security and safety failings in Britain’s nuclear deterrent. The Ministry of Defence has  confirmed that McNeilly was “apprehended” on […]

ThalesRaytheonSystems To Upgrade NATO’s Missile Defense Capabllities

ThalesRaytheonSystems announced Monday that it has won a US$104 million contract from NATO to upgrade the Alliance’s current missile defense command and control capability. The contract signed on 11th May will strengthen and expand the functionality of NATO’s existing missile […]

Kerry: U.S. Still Wants Advanced Missile Defenses in Korea

The Washington Free Beacon

Secretary of State John Kerry said in South Korea on Monday that the United States is continuing to seek the deployment of highly effective missile defenses there that are opposed by China. However, the contentious issue of sending Terminal High-Altitude […]