PLA to display DF series missiles at V-J Day parade: report

The Second Artillery Corps of the People’s Liberation Army will be showing off seven models of missiles from its DF series at the upcoming Sept. 3 military parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, […]

Should the Pentagon Fear China’s Newest Weapon?

The Diplomat

Last Wednesday, China conducted its fifth test of the WU-14 hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) – an ultra high-speed missile purportedly capable of penetrating U.S. air defense systems based on interceptor missiles, Bill Gertz of The Washington Free Beacon reports. “The latest test of […]

Nuclear Ballistic Missiles: The Deadly Missile Race

Defence News

Ballistic Missiles are a relatively quick, rather inexpensive and highly symbolic way to demonstrate military capabilities. The cold war was an unquestionable proof of how the US & the Soviet Union was struggling to maintain strategic stability by always striving […]

China to display seven types of missiles in V-Day parade


China’s strategic missile force, the Second Artillery Forces (SAC) will display seven types of missiles in the military parade on Sept. 3, Xinhua learned from military sources. Organized into six armament formations, the weaponry includes long-range, intermediate-range, and short-range missiles […]

Analysts: China’s Missile Program the Greatest Long-Term Threat to U.S. Security

National Defense Magazine

The advancement of China’s ballistic missile modernization program may pose the greatest risk to the United States’ long-term security, analysts said Aug. 19. “Deterrence of China is absolutely critical,” said Mark Schneider, a senior analyst for the National Institute for […]

China Tests New Long-Range Missile with Two Guided Warheads

The Washington Free Beacon

China conducted a flight test this month of its newest long-range missile that U.S. intelligence agencies say lofted two independently-targeted simulated nuclear warheads, according to defense officials. The launch of the DF-41 road-mobile missile Aug. 6 was the fourth time […]