China deters India with the deployment of HQ-9 Air Defense Missile systems close to Kashmir

Defence News Network

China strengthens its defense close to Kashmir border, according to Chinese News networks, China has deployed HQ-9 air defense missiles to Hetian airfield in the south of the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region in the country’s northwest. Hetian is only 260 […]

Hypersonic Missile Arm Race: US Walking a Tightrope in East Asian Region

Washington is walking a tightrope in the East Asian region: the Sino-American hypersonic missile arm race may prompt a rapid escalation of tensions between the two sides with certain destabilizing effects, military expert Eleni G. Ekmektsioglou notes. The hypersonic missile […]

Interior decorator who shipped electronics for missile and radar systems to China faces jail

Leicester Mercury

An interior decorator who shipped military-grade electronics for missile and radar systems to China is facing a jail sentence. Christopher Perkins, 39, who runs an interior decorating firm in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, broke strict EU rules by exporting more than 1000 […]

Amid Chinese Military Aggression, Russia Delivers Submarine To Vietnam For Defense Over South China Sea Dispute

International Business Times

Yet another Russian-made submarine arrived in Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Port Tuesday, the fourth of six Kil0-class submarines that Russia is delivering as part of a $2.6-billion-deal the two countries signed in 2009, Thanh Nien News reported. The submarines are part […]