PLA’s Type 094 sub upgrade allows greater missile capacity

Want China Times

China has begun upgrading its Type 094 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, according to the military news website of the country’s nationalistic tabloid Global Times, citing a Russian media report. China had originally planned to build five or six of the […]

Clapper refuses to discuss PLA threat

Taipei Times

The US director of National Intelligence did say that China is augmenting the more than 1,200 short-range ballistic missiles deployed opposite Taiwan with DF-16s US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday that […]

Turkey says transfer of technology priority in missile defense deal

Today's Zaman

Turkey‘s top priority when procuring its first long-range missile defense system is to bolster its own technological ability, a defense official said on Friday. Turkey has chosen a Chinese company as the preferred bidder for the $3.4 billion project but […]

Turkey goes back to other missile system bidders as China drags feet: officials


(Reuters) – Turkey is pressing ahead with talks with U.S. and European firms over its first long-range missile defense system, as the preferred Chinese bidder has yet to meet all requirements for the multi-billion dollar project, two officials said on […]

US must bolster carrier defense as PLA’s missiles improve

Want China Times

The United States must significantly bolster the defensive capabilities of its aircraft carriers or risk becoming vulnerable to China’s improving anti-ship missile arsenal, writes our Chinese-language sister paper China Times. With greater speed, distance, accuracy and destructive power, the People’s […]

Contradictory remarks on missile defense system reveal rift in Turkish administration

Today's Zaman

Opposing statements have come out of Ankara on whether a long-range missile defense system for which Turkey has been conducting negotiations with a Chinese company will be integrated with NATO defense systems, prompting speculation that Turkey’s quest to obtain a […]

Want Stability? Fund Nuke Triad Modernization

Peter Huessy

Nuclear modernization will receive at least $1.2 billion more this year than last year’s $23.5 billion if the president’s Defense Department budget request is approved. Modernization funding for nuclear weapons and their delivery systems comprise 4 percent of the defense budget and […]