Time to Revive Debate About Space-Based Missile Defense

Marvin Baker Schaffer

Boost phase missile defense is necessary to reliably and cost-effectively defeat the most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile threats, those of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. Current intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) defenses do not have the necessary […]

Turkey Bypasses China, Talks With France Over Missile Purchase

Aydinlik Daily

According to Turkish media sources, Turkey is seeking to work with French-Italian consortium Eurosam instead of Chinese defence company CPMIEC regarding the purchase of the long-range missile system. Mehmet Ocaktan, a columnist from Akşam newspaper who attended President Erdogan’s closed-door […]

Turkey eyes domestic arms development in missile deal

Monitor Global Outlook

Turkey has begun talks with French defense contractor Eurosam over a national missile defense system, an indication Ankara will scuttle a previous deal with US-embargoed Chinese defense firm CPMIEC. The new deal is likely to retain lucrative technology-sharing agreements of […]