Pakistan’s Battlefield Nuclear Weapons and the Limits of the NATO Analogy

Jaganath Sankaran

NATO’s perceived military inferiority against Warsaw Pact forces is regularly called upon to justify Pakistan’s pursuit of battlefield nuclear weapons. Yet, as Jaganath Sankaran reveals, there’s plenty of historical evidence to suggest that Islamabad should not rely on such weapons […]

Germany Says It Can Keep Interceptors in Turkey for Two More Years

Global Security Newswire

Germany on Monday dismissed a news report that it was considering withdrawing its Patriot interceptors from Turkey by the end of the year. The German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that Germany and the Netherlands were interested in removing their […]

European NATO States Making Strides on Antimissile Projects

Nuclear Threat Initiative

After years of cajoling by the United States, a number of European allies are moving forward with new investments in their missile defense systems. Poland announced last month it would significantly speed up the time table for choosing a vendor […]