Destination Beijing: India to Test ‘China-Killer’ Nuke Missile

India is readying the first canister test of its so-called “China killer” long-range ballistic missile. This week the New Indian Express reported that on Saturday the Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), India’s top defense technology agency, will conduct the first […]

Arihant stirs up the ocean

Russia and India Report

In June 2012 a nuclear-powered attack submarine of the Russian Navy quietly entered the Gulf of Mexico. Armed with long-range nuclear cruise missiles, the Akula class vessel operated undetected for several weeks and its movement in strategic US waters was […]

India Just Tested A Submarine Capable Of Firing Nuclear Warheads From Sea

Business Insider Australia

India’s nuclear capabilities may have taken a major step forward. On Monday, India began sea trials of its first nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), according to USNI news. The Arihant, a 112 meter 6,000 ton SSBN, left the Indian coast and […]