Pakistan is eyeing sea-based and short-range nuclear weapons, analysts say

The Washington Post

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — In one of the world’s most volatile ­regions, Pakistan is advancing toward a sea-based missile capability and expanding its interest in tactical nuclear warheads, according to Pakistani and Western analysts. The development of nuclear missiles that could […]

India to deploy defence against ballistic missiles by 2016, says DRDO chief

Hindustan Times

India is hurrying up the deployment of an advanced missile defence system to stave off threats from ballistic missiles at a time China’s arsenal is growing in sophistication and numbers. Pursuing its ballistic missile defence (BMD) programme aggressively, the country […]

India-Vietnam Supersonic Missile Talks in ‘Advanced Stage’

The Diplomat

According to a report in India’s Deccan Herald, citing comments made by a senior Indian diplomat, talks for the sale of the joint Russia-India-developed BrahMos supersonic cruise missile platform to Vietnam are in an “advanced stage.” Vietnam first expressed interest in acquiring in the platform in […]