India to deploy defence against ballistic missiles by 2016, says DRDO chief

Hindustan Times

India is hurrying up the deployment of an advanced missile defence system to stave off threats from ballistic missiles at a time China’s arsenal is growing in sophistication and numbers. Pursuing its ballistic missile defence (BMD) programme aggressively, the country […]

India-Vietnam Supersonic Missile Talks in ‘Advanced Stage’

The Diplomat

According to a report in India’s Deccan Herald, citing comments made by a senior Indian diplomat, talks for the sale of the joint Russia-India-developed BrahMos supersonic cruise missile platform to Vietnam are in an “advanced stage.” Vietnam first expressed interest in acquiring in the platform in […]

India Interested in Russia’s Missile Systems – Russian Air Force

RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, September 3 (RIA Novosti) – India’s Air Force commanders have expressed interest in the Russian surface-to-air missile systems in the course of the joint Russian-Indian Air Force exercise “Aviandra-2014”, Maj. Gen. Sergey Babakov told journalists Wednesday. “They have expressed […]

Indian government plans to export BrahMos missiles, Tejas, air defence system to Vietnam, Indonesia and Venezuela

India Times

NEW DELHI: The Modi government is quietly working on a plan to export defence equipment and armaments produced in India to friendly countries. A beginning could be made by exporting BrahMos missiles to Southeast Asia and South American countries. Vietnam, […]

The argument for a hypersonic missile testing ban

Mark Gubrud

China and the United States recently conducted development tests of hypersonic missiles, designed to travel many times the speed of sound and reach targets thousands of miles away in an hour or less. Both tests failed, showing that hypersonic propulsion and flight—which […]

Russia’s move to sell S-400 missiles to China may rile India

Press Trust of India

Russia’s reported plan to sell advanced S-400 anti-aircraft missile system to China may rile wary neighbours, especially India, as Moscow and Beijing moved closer in the backdrop of deepening Ukrainian crisis, according to a media report. A recent comment by […]