Russia Will Build First Hypersonic Missile Before 2020

The Diplomat

A senior official at a Russian defense company said the country will build its first hypersonic missile before 2020. Russia will build its first hypersonic missile by 2020, according to local state media. On Thursday Sputnik News Agency, RIA Novosti’s […]

Is Russia Afraid of Chinese and Indian Missiles?

Petr Topychkanov

Russia’s official pronouncements have been increasingly critical of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) and other Russian-American agreements that are alleged to run counter to the Russian national interests. Even the Russian president made numerous statements about the changed international […]

PLA’s CJ-10 cruise missile more advanced than Indian counterpart

Want China Times

After India tested its subsonic Nirbhay cruise missile–which is capable of carrying nuclear warheads–on Oct. 17, the Sina Military Network based in Beijing said that China’s CJ-10 cruise missile is much more powerful than its Indian counterpart. The Kanwa Defense […]