Council on Foreign Relations Backgrounder: Ballistic Missile Defense

Jonathan Masters

Introduction U.S. ballistic missile defense systems are designed to protect the U.S. homeland, deployed military forces, and allies from limited attacks. The Pentagon originally sought development of ballistic missile defense (BMD) technology to counter the Soviet nuclear threat during the […]

Should Iranian ballistic missiles be curbed in the nuclear deal?

Debalina Ghoshal

As the P5+1 nuclear deal is progressing and signs of progress with the deal is reflected in Iran “neutralising” half of its higher enriched uranium, yet Western apprehensions on Iran’s ability to possibly develop nuclear weapons continue. Enrichment of uranium […]

Is Ballistic Missile Defense In Europe Anti-Russian? Many Conservatives Think So

Mark Adomanis

In the long argument about the advisability of ballistic missile defense in Eastern Europe, American conservatives were insistent that the proposed installations presented no threat whatsoever to Russia’s massive nuclear arsenal. The official line of argument was that the installations […]