Should we be more afraid of a nuclear missile strike against the U.S.? And could we stop it

North Korea and Iran are continuing to work on missiles, perhaps topped with nuclear warheads, that could reach the United States. But when was the last time Americans truly worried about a missile attack on American soil? Carlos Kingston, a […]

Controversy Continues Over Iran’s Rockets And Weapons

Aviation Week

Iran’s linked development of nuclear energy and surface-to-surface missiles is motivating multiple missile-defense programs, including most of Israel’s work, exports of Patriot PAC-3 and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missiles to the Middle East, and U.S. deployment of elements of […]

Iran rolls out ‘smart missile’ drones

Sputnik News

Iran’s drones now carry high-precision smart missiles that can hit high-speed vehicles with pinpoint accuracy, according to a senior military commander in Tehran. Iran’s home-made drones are equipped with high-precision smart missiles, Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps […]