Patriots detected 300 Syrian missile fires so far

Anadolu Agency

Patriot air defence system deployed in Turkey’s south eastern province of Kahramanmaras detected about 300 missile fires in Syria so far. KAHRAMANMARAS Patriot air defence system deployed in Turkey’s south eastern province of Kahramanmaras detected about 300 missile fires in Syria so […]

NATO technical upgrades support Europe’s largest missile defence exercise

NATO Communications and Information Agency

From 28 May to 6 June, the NCI Agency contributed to Joint Project Optic Windmill/ Joint Project Optic Alliance 13 (JPOW), the largest exercise in Europe devoted to air and missile defence. The joint and combined Integrated Air and Missile […]

Turkey’s ASELSAN to produce Patriot-like missile systems

Today's Zaman

Turkey’s largest defense contractor, ASELSAN, wants to produce national missile systems like the Patriots deployed in Turkey, said ASELSAN Director General Cengiz Ergeneman on Wednesday. Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Ergeneman said, “We would like to design and produce […]

Patriot (PAC-1, PAC-2, PAC-3)

The idea of a mobile, air defense system utilizing missile interceptors first started in 1961 at the U.S. Army Missile Command. In 1965, the XMIM-104 Patriot development program had been established. The system was initially designed as an anti-aircraft, surface-to-air defense […]