Should we be more afraid of a nuclear missile strike against the U.S.? And could we stop it

North Korea and Iran are continuing to work on missiles, perhaps topped with nuclear warheads, that could reach the United States. But when was the last time Americans truly worried about a missile attack on American soil? Carlos Kingston, a […]

Missile Defense Agency FTO-01 Flight Test

Questions raised over China’s THAAD opposition

The Korea Herald

China’s dogged opposition to the potential deployment of an additional U.S. missile defense asset to South Korea has raised questions over Beijing’s true intensions, given that the interception system does not pose any serious security threat to China. Some assume […]

‘S. Korea needs to block THAAD deployment’

The Korea Times

National security analyst Paik Hak-soon believes that the government should oppose any move by the United States to deploy its latest ballistic missile interception system in South Korea as part of its missile defense (MD) program. “A Terminal High-Altitude Area […]