Russia’s Nuclear Bluster: How Should America Respond?

Greg Thielman

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been shy in brandishing his country’s nuclear weapons. Not since Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev boasted of “producing missiles like sausages” and issued his warning to Western ambassadors that “we will bury you” has the […]

North Korea brags some more about submarine-launched ballistic missile

Ars Technica

Knock-off of 1960s Russian missile was launched—from what still isn’t clear. The missile was real. The launch was real. Everything else? Not so real. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s government has released a bit more information about what North […]

Russia Will Deploy First Bastion Surface-To-Surface Missile System In Crimea By 2020

International Business Times

Russia will deploy the first Bastion silo-based surface-to-ship missile system in the Crimean Peninsula by 2020, Moscow-based Interfax news agency reported Thursday. The new missile system will be positioned in the region as part of the Kremlin’s plans to increase […]