No talk with Russia over missile system, says Turkish official

Anadolu Agency

Turkey has rejected claims that it has been in negotiations with Russia over a long-range air defense system. Speaking on Friday, Ismail Demir, Turkey’s undersecretary for defense industries, said: “There is no official talk with Russia.” Demir was attending a […]

Turkey says transfer of technology priority in missile defense deal

Today's Zaman

Turkey‘s top priority when procuring its first long-range missile defense system is to bolster its own technological ability, a defense official said on Friday. Turkey has chosen a Chinese company as the preferred bidder for the $3.4 billion project but […]

Turkey goes back to other missile system bidders as China drags feet: officials


(Reuters) – Turkey is pressing ahead with talks with U.S. and European firms over its first long-range missile defense system, as the preferred Chinese bidder has yet to meet all requirements for the multi-billion dollar project, two officials said on […]

Contradictory remarks on missile defense system reveal rift in Turkish administration

Today's Zaman

Opposing statements have come out of Ankara on whether a long-range missile defense system for which Turkey has been conducting negotiations with a Chinese company will be integrated with NATO defense systems, prompting speculation that Turkey’s quest to obtain a […]

Turkey to make long-range missiles compatible with NATO systems: spokesman


ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey will make its planned new long-range missiles compatible with the NATO’s systems, presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on Monday, in comments apparently at odds with those of the country’s defence minister. NATO member Turkey chose China […]

Turkey to go ahead with non-NATO-integrated Chinese missile defense


Turkey will go ahead with plans to order a $3.4-billion missile defense system from China, Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz said, despite U.S. and NATO concerns over security and compatibility of weaponry. Yilmaz said in a written response to a parliamentary […]

Turkey won’t decide on air defense deal before Apr. 24

Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey won’t make a decision over its multibillion dollar deal for the construction of its first long-range air and anti-missile defense system before April 24, the centennial of the 1915 events Turkey will refrain from selecting a winner for its […]

Germany extends Patriot missile deployment in Turkey

The Journal of the Turkish Weekly

The German parliament has approved Thursday to extend deployment of Patriot missiles in Turkey, as part of a NATO mission to counter possible threats from Syria. The 631-seat Bundestag lower house voted 503 to 70 in favor of the one-year […]