russia A-235 Samolet-M



Originated From:Russia
Possessed By:Russia
Basing:Land, Fixed
In Service:2013/2014

The A-235 Samolet-M is an upgrade of the currently operational A-135 Samolet that is also referred to as the Moscow system. The A-235 will be a fixed land-based ballistic missile defense system and its new interceptors will probably utilize the presently mothballed 51T6 (Gorgon) silos. According to reports from December 2012, the A-235 could become operational in later 2013 or early 2014.1

Reportedly, the A-235 will use modernized 53T6 missiles, also known as the SH-08 or PRS-1 (NATO designation: Gazelle, U.S. DOD designation: ABM-3), with conventional warheads.2 Some experts doubted that the system’s capability of hit-to-kill interception.3 To shoot down ballistic missiles, Russia currently uses HE-fragmentation or nuclear warheads in its surface-to-air missile and ballistic defense systems. The A-235 is supposed to replace the A-135 that is equipped with 10kT nuclear interceptors.

Russia began work on this system in 1991. The system has been designed and developed by the Novator company in Yekaterinburg. The A-235’s specifications remain unknown but it was reported that it will have a range of up to a 100km and an altitude of up to 30km.4

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