israel Iron Dome

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

Originated From:Israel
Possessed By:Israel
Warhead:HE Fragmentation
Range:18km - 45km
In Service:2011 - Present

The Iron Dome is a land-based, mobile defense system that is developed and utilized by Israel. It can intercept short range rockets and 155mm artillery shell threats up to 45km in all weather conditions. The estimated range given by Jane’s Strategic Weapon Systems before the Iron Dome’s deployment was 18km; however, now that the system is functional and has been tested in live-fire situations, it is being reported that the maximum range is closer to 45km, with a 90 percent success rate.1

The Iron Dome has a radar that detects and identifies an object and monitors its trajectory. The data is transmitted to the Battle Management Weapon Control  (BMC), in which the trajectory is analyzed. An impact point is estimated, which will determine what type of response is needed.

Once the interceptor receives the trajectory from the BMC, it will approach the target and use its radar to get within passing distance of the object. The warhead will then detonate over a neutral area, reducing collateral damage, and destroying the target.2

The Iron Dome is much like the U.S.’s PATRIOT system in that they both contain:

  • Vertically launched interceptors
  • Highly effective warhead and proximity fuse
  • Mobile launcher
  • Integration with various radar and detection systems

The Iron Dome is Israel’s most comprehensive defense system, as it offers solutions against a wide range of threats in a short development cycle and at a low cost.3

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