Ballistic missile defence is good enough for Europe, but not for us?

Frank Harvey

The Senate National Defence Committee is holding another round of hearings on Canadian participation in ballistic missile defence (BMD). It’s about time – Canada’s current position on BMD is, in a word, perplexing. In November 2010, 28 NATO members met […]

Missile Defenses: Robust Testing Program Essential

Michaela Dodge

Missile defense is a proven technology; repeated tests have proved that the system is so accurate that it can “hit a bullet with a bullet.” The United States should continue to provide and encourage a rigorous missile defense testing program, even if it means that intercepts do not happen.

Ministry virtually rejects consideration for SM-3

The Korea Herald

The Defense Ministry has virtually rejected the Navy’s request to consider introducing the Standard Missile-3 mid-course interceptors, multiple sources privy to the issue told The Korea Herald on Monday.

Jordan, Israel and U.S. Need to Cooperate for Missile Defense

Anthony Wells

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s strategic concerns for the “defensive boundaries” of Israel are clearly demarcated by geography. The distance between key locations in Israel and the West Bank are six to nine miles, with a huge concentration of the […]

Next Phases of European Missile Shield ‘on Track’: DOD

Nuclear Threat Initiative

March 13, 2013. WASHINGTON — The next steps in the Obama administration’s plan for European missile defense are developing according to schedule and should not be impacted by Pentagon budget cuts, senior U.S. officials said on Tuesday. The European Phased […]

Integrating European Radars with AEGIS/SM-3 Missile Defenses

Defense Update

SMART-S Mk2 radar, installed on HDMS Absalon, the first of the Flexible Support Ships of the Royal Danish Navy. The recent test conducted by Raytheon and Thales connected the the Active Phased Array Radar installed below the SMART-L – Photo: […]