Turkey’s Disputed Air Defense Contract Awaits Politics

Defense News

ANKARA — For a fourth time since September, Turkey’s procurement authorities extended a deadline for all three bidders in a disputed air defense contract to submit their renewed proposals, a move officials and analysts link to presidential elections. Turkey’s procurement […]

U.S. Defense Bill Could Undercut Turkey’s Missile Defense Deal with China

Space News

The recently passed U.S. defense authorization bill aims to prevent Turkey from following through with plans to integrate a Chinese-built missile defense system into a NATO architecture that includes U.S. interceptors.

UK Royal Navy Examines Ballistic-Missile Defense Capabilities

Defense News

September 11, 2013 –LONDON — One of the UK Royal Navy’s new Type 45 destroyers is conducting tests to establish whether the warships could provide British forces with theater ballistic-missile defense (TBMD) capabilities for the first time, according to the […]

Raytheon: No US block on Patriot sales to Turkey

Turkish Weekly

Looking to sweeten the pot before a multibillion dollar tender, Raytheon says there would be no US block on a defense transfer to Turkey if it wins the bid. A senior executive at U.S. defense company Raytheon has ruled out […]

NATO Solidarity with Turkey Gives a Boost to the Alliance’s Territorial Defence Guarantees

Wojciech Lorenz and Pinar Elman

Jan. 15, 2013 – The deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey may encourage Ankara to reaffirm NATO as a core guarantor of its national security, write Wojiciech Lorenz and Pinar Elman. It may also reinvigorate the credibility of territorial defense […]