Russia Yu-71, US Prompt Global Strike and China’s Wu-14 Hypersonic missile programs

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Adm. Cecil D. Haney, Strategic Command’s (Stratcom) senior leader, said during remarks at a nuclear deterrence conference that despite arms control efforts, hypersonic weapons are among several threatening strategic trends emerging in the world. China has conducted four flight tests […]

China Confirms Hypersonic Missile Test

The Washington Free Beacon

China’s defense ministry on Friday confirmed a fourth test of a new hypersonic strike vehicle was carried out last week. “The scheduled scientific research and experiments in our territory [are] normal, and those tests are not targeted at any country […]

Will This Chinese Weapon Be Able to Sink an Aircraft Carrier?

The Diplomat

This week, China has successfully carried out a fourth test of the WU-14 hypersonic glider vehicle (HGV) that conducted “extreme maneuvers” designed to overcome U.S. missile defense systems, Bill Gertz over at The Washington Free Beacon reports. According to Gertz, […]

China, India and Russia have supersonic cruise missiles and are nearing hypersonic cruise missiles

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The Chaoxun-1 (CX-1) is a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM) built by a subsidiary of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), a major Chinese space and defense company. According to CASC, the CX-1 is a two-stage ASCM with […]

Pentagon Seeks To Have Extended-Range THAADs To Counter Hypersonic Strike Vehicles

International Business Times Australia

Lockheed Martin has just been instructed by the U.S. Army on Wednesday to upgrade its Army Tactical Missile System, or ATACMS, to enable it to deal with hypersonic threats. The contract, worth $78 million, specifically orders the development of advanced missiles […]

Russia Will Build First Hypersonic Missile Before 2020

The Diplomat

A senior official at a Russian defense company said the country will build its first hypersonic missile before 2020. Russia will build its first hypersonic missile by 2020, according to local state media. On Thursday Sputnik News Agency, RIA Novosti’s […]

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These Are The Chinese Military Advancements That Are Shifting The Balance Of Power In Asia

Jeremy Bender

As China continues its rise to superpower stature, Beijing is trying to rapidly increase its firepower. China’s attempts to seriously upgrade its military — with next-generation fighter jets, ballistic missiles, and advanced naval vessels — is partly aimed at keeping […]