China, India and Russia have supersonic cruise missiles and are nearing hypersonic cruise missiles

Next Big Future

The Chaoxun-1 (CX-1) is a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM) built by a subsidiary of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), a major Chinese space and defense company. According to CASC, the CX-1 is a two-stage ASCM with […]

Pentagon Seeks To Have Extended-Range THAADs To Counter Hypersonic Strike Vehicles

International Business Times Australia

Lockheed Martin has just been instructed by the U.S. Army on Wednesday to upgrade its Army Tactical Missile System, or ATACMS, to enable it to deal with hypersonic threats. The contract, worth $78 million, specifically orders the development of advanced missiles […]

Russia Will Build First Hypersonic Missile Before 2020

The Diplomat

A senior official at a Russian defense company said the country will build its first hypersonic missile before 2020. Russia will build its first hypersonic missile by 2020, according to local state media. On Thursday Sputnik News Agency, RIA Novosti’s […]

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These Are The Chinese Military Advancements That Are Shifting The Balance Of Power In Asia

Jeremy Bender

As China continues its rise to superpower stature, Beijing is trying to rapidly increase its firepower. China’s attempts to seriously upgrade its military — with next-generation fighter jets, ballistic missiles, and advanced naval vessels — is partly aimed at keeping […]

China Military Buildup Shifts Balance of Power in Asia in Beijing’s Favor

The Washington Free Beacon

Congressional report warns the danger of U.S.-China conflict is rising China’s decades-long buildup of strategic and conventional military forces is shifting the balance of power in Asia in Beijing’s favor and increasing the risk of a conflict, according to a […]

Sea-based nukes: A marginal effect on stability

Thomas Mahnken

There are several sources of instability in the Asia Pacific region today. Some are political, such as China’s pursuit of territorial claims at sea and on land at the expense of its neighbours. Others are military, such as those elements […]

Death at Five Times the Speed of Sound

The Daily Beast

The latest in push button warfare, hypersonic weapons have launched a new arms race among the big powers—emphasis on the race. The Department of Defense recently awarded a $44 million contract to the Miltec Corporation, of Huntsville, Alabama. A low-key […]

U.S. Navy Sees Chinese HGV As Part Of Wider Threat

Bradley Perrett, Bill Sweetman, Michael Fabey

In the view of the U.S. Navy, the Mach 10 test of a hypersonic glide vehicle that China conducted on Jan. 9 reflects its predictions of future warfare. If and when China can put the technology into service, Beijing will […]