russia 3M-14AE

Originated From:Russia
Possessed By:Russia
Alternate Name:Club-A
Basing:Air-Launched, Ship-Launched, Submarine-Launched
Length:6.2 m
Diameter:578 mm
Launch Weight:1,400 kg
Warhead:450 kg HE
Range:300 km

The 3M-14AE, part of Russian contractor Novator’s Club-A series, is a land attack cruise missile. The land attack variant is designed to strike pre-programmed targets such as seaports, airfields, and command posts. There are also two anti-ship variants in the Club series called the 3M-54AE and the 3M-54AE1.

3M-14AE ship-launched variant shown with rocket booster.
Jane’s Air-Launched Weapons

The 3M-14AE is a missile designed primarily for export. The body of the missile is a constant cylindrical design from the nose until the tail fins. It has pop-out wings mounted on the upper portion of the body. 1 The air-launched variant (and presumably the submarine variant) is carried in a canister designed to project it prior to launch. After launch it is jettisoned. 2

3M-14AE air-launched variant shown in canister.

It has a length of 6.2 m, a body diameter of 578 mm, and a launch weight of 1,400 kg. It carries a single 450 kg high explosive warhead. The 3M-14AE uses inertial navigation with satellite navigation for mid-course updates. Waypoints can be pre-programmed into the missile so as to avoid air defenses or natural barriers. The missile has a range of 300 km.

The 3M-14AE was displayed at the Moscow Air Show in 2007, although, it was not shown two years later at the same event. The exact status unknown, but presumably it is still in development. 3

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