india Agni-4

Agni 4 (Jane's Strategic Weapon Systems)
Originated From:India
Possessed By:India
Length:20.0 m
Launch Weight:17,000 kg
Payload:Single warhead, 800 kg
Warhead:Nuclear 20 or 45 kT, Fusion 200-300 kT
Propulsion:Two-stage solid propellant
Range:3,500 km
In Service:2013

The Agni-4 is believed to be an upgraded version of the Agni-2 missile with an increased range. The Agni-2 has a range of 2,000 kg (more if the payload is reduced), whereas the Agni-4 has an expected range of 3,500 kg. It’s been reported that this increased range is the result of reduced weight or upgraded motors. 1

Reports suggest that the Agni-4 can be fitted with a 20 or 45 kT nuclear warhead, or a 200 to 300 kT fusion warhead. It has been reported that the Agni-4 is a two-stage solid propellant system with a length of 20.0 m and a launch weight of 17,000 kg. 2

The first test launch failed in December 2010. 3 A second missile was launched from a mobile launch system in November 2011, and it was successful. 4 Reports indicate that two to three more test flights are planned and initial production deliveries will begin in 2013. 5

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