north korea Musudan (BM-25)

Musudan (BM-25) (Jane's Strategic Weapon Systems)
Originated From:North Korea
Possessed By:Iran, North Korea
Alternate Name:Mirim, No Dong B, BM-25
Length:12.0-19.0 m
Diameter:1.5-2.0 m
Launch Weight:19,000-26,000 kg
Payload:Single warhead, 1,200 kg
Warhead:HE or nulcear
Propulsion:One or two-stage liquid propellant
Range:2,500-4,000 km

Reports from 2003 suggest that North Korea was developing a variant of the Russian R-27/RSM-25 submarine-launched ballistic missile. This suspected ground-based version of the original Russian R-27 has many alternate names including Mirim, No Dong B, and BM-25. Some have suggested that the Musudan has become the Iranian Shahab 4. 1

Reports suggest that Iran has purchased 18 Musudan missile sets from North Korea in 2005. Much of reported information amounts to speculation. Reports from 2009 indicate that Musudan parts were intercepted in transit from North Korea to Iran. 2

The missile specifications vary widely: length ranges from 12.0 to 19.0 m; the body diameter is 1.5 to 2.0 m; launch weight is 19,000 to 26,000 kg; and the range is 2,500 to 4,000 kg. The missile is expected to have a single warhead with a payload of 1,200 kg. It is propelled by a one or two-stage liquid. The guidance is inertial with an accuracy of 1,600 m CEP. 3

North Korea test fired a Scud C variant (No Dong) in July 2006, but these tests could have been Musudan missiles. Similarly, Iran tested the Shahab 3 in 2006, but these could also have been Musudan missiles. 4

Last Updated 9/24/2012

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