iran flag small Shahab 2 (‘Scud C’ Variant)

Shahab 2 (Jane's Strategic Weapon Systems)
Originated From:Iran
Possessed By:Iran
Alternate Name:Qiam, SS-1D 'Scud' C variant
Length:10.94 or 11.5 m
Diameter:0.88 m
Launch Weight:6,095 kg
Payload:770 kg
Warhead:HE or submunitions
Propulsion:Liquid propellant
Range:500 kg
In Service:1997

The Shahab 2 is the Iranian variant of the Russian SS-1D ‘Scud C’. It is a single-stage, liquid-propelled, short-range ballistic missile. Its maximum range is 500 km and it carries a single warhead with the maximum payload of 770 kg.

The length of the Shahab 2 is disputed. Most believe it is 10.94 m, although one report states a length of 11.25 m. The diameter is 0.88 m and the launch weight is 6,095 kg. This missile presumably carries HE, chemical and nuclear warheads, though only HE warheads are known to exist. Reports show that 170 missiles were assembled following the initial test launch trials in 1991.

Preliminary reports from Iran in 1997 discuss the possibility of coastal batteries for the Shahab 2. The Shahab 2 was again tested in July 1998 following its introduction into service in 1997. In 2004, the Shahab 2 became an active participant in all military drills and exercises, being consistently tested with successful results. An additional public test in April 2006 signaled the beginning of a regional war game. The last noted successful test was in November of 2006, where the Shahab 2 employed a submunitions warhead. There is a great deal of public relations information from Iran stating that the purpose of these ballistic weapons is for defense only.

Reports indicate that Iran assisted in the construction of several countries weapons programs including Congo and Sudan. Syria, in turn, may have been aided by Iran in building the Syrian ‘Scud C’. A 2006 report suggested that Iran was negotiating to export Shahab 2 missiles to Venezuela. Another 2006 report suggested the presence of 300 to 400 operational Shahab 1 and 2 missiles in Iran.

An improved Shahab 2 variant, Qiam 1, was tested August 10, 2010. The Qiam 1 is very similar to the Shahab 2, but it has a triconic shaped reentry vehicle, heavier launch weight (6,155 kg), smaller payload (750 kg), longer range (800 kg), and enhanced accuracy (500 CEP). 1

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