Taepo Dong 3

The Taepo Dong 3 is a suspected North Korean ICBM missile program. Reports on this missile are sparse, and there have not been any test launches to validate its existence.

Originated From:North Korea
Possessed By:North Korea
Alternate Name:TD-3, TD-X
Length:34.0 m
Diameter:2.4 (first), 1.4 (second), 0.9 (third) m
Launch Weight:68,000 kg
Range:8,000 km

A 1999 report indicated that the North Koreans may be developing another missile to the Taepo Dong series. Ten years later, a report suggested an improved version of the Taepo Dong 2 was being prepared for a test launch. The launch never occurred, and it is unclear if the project actually exists. 1

An improved version of the Taepo Dong 2 would likely have a length of 34.0 m, a diameter of 2.4/1.4/0.9 m (for each stage), a launch weight of 68,800 kg, and a range of approximately 8,000 km. The Taepo Dong 3 was reported as having three or possibly four stages based on other missiles in the North Korean arsenal. The first stage is similar to the Musudan (BM-25), the second is similar to the No Dong 1, and the third stage is similar to the Hwasong 6 (‘Scud’ C) variant. 2

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