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How to Produce a Dolphin-Shaped Missile Head

The Palbam Company, a manufacturer of metal elements for the defense industries, is often called upon to cope with unusual challenges and is currently shifting its business focus. The Palbam Company is currently faced with an unexpected professional challenge: manufacturing […]

US, EU firms press Turkish companies over Chinese missile deal

European and U.S. defense companies, which were not chosen for Turkey’s first long-range air and anti-missile system, have been reportedly pressuring Turkey’s defense industry giants to dissuade Turkey from choosing a Chinese firm. The U.S. partnership of Raytheon and Lockheed […]

Alleged China-Ukraine talk over missile tech sparks concern

Amid the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, there is a growing concern over the state of its cutting-edge military technologies, notably that of its intercontinental ballistic missiles. A Russian military news portal reported recently that representatives of a military plant in […]

Russian Missile System Masquerading as Innocent Cargo Container

Moscow-based Concern Morinformsystem – AGAT displays two models illustrating how the Club K Container Missile System uses ordinary 40-foot cargo containers to conceal a variety of anti-ship and land-attack missiles. (Wendell Minnick/Staff) KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — This year’s Defence Services […]