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What Japan’s Defense White Paper Says About North Korea

Pyongyang’s ballistic missile program is “profoundly worrisome” to Tokyo. The 2015 defense white paper, compiled by the Japanese Ministry of Defense titled “Defense of Japan 2015,” highlights Tokyo’s growing concern over the radicalization of North Korea’s military in the face of Kim […]

Now NATO’s Prepping for Hybrid War

Like the US, the alliance as a whole is readying forces for a full range of combat scenarios — and planning a historically complex exercise. NATO is preparing to hold its most complex military drills in decades — perhaps since […]

Stealth bombers back in Guam

Radar-evading, bat-looking B-2 bomber aircraft have returned to Andersen Air Force Base at a time of renewed tension between the two Koreas. Three B-2s and about 225 airmen from the 13th Bomb Squadron at Whiteman Air Force Base, in Missouri, […]