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Putting the Defense in Missile Defense

William C. Johnson

Like all Americans, I want to feel safe at home.  Yet with the growing volatility and unrest across the Middle East and parts of Europe, I am flat-out worried about our nation’s security.  But due to my recent experience with […]

Want to Know What It’s Like To Be Blown Up By A Chinese Missile? Ask This Ship.

Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer

      Zhenjiang Hit!The Zhenjiang is hit by an inert Chinese anti-ship cruise missile. Note that in addition to the destroyed bridge superstructure, the hull around the bridge has also been warped by the impact, suggesting a large missile.SARGuy […]

Could China’s Nuclear Strategy Evolve?

Nicolas Giacometti

Fifty years ago, at 7:00 GMT on October 16, 1964, China exploded its first nuclear device at the Lop Nur test site, becoming the fifth official member of the nuclear club after the U.S., the Soviet Union, the U.K. and […]

Why Germany Shouldn’t Go it Alone on Missile Defense

Later this year Germany has to choose between acquisition of the Patriot system, which is used by many other NATO countries, or the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS), which will be under development at least until 2018 and has […]