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Editorial: Invest in Nuclear Capability

Defense News

Over the past few years, Russia has increasingly been spouting nuclear rhetoric to scare America and Europe into getting its way. Vladimir Putin recently said he considered mobilizing his nuclear forces as he seized Ukrainian territory. Since then, Russia has […]

The Limits of U.S. Missile Defense

Steven Pifer

On March 23, 1983, Ronald Reagan announced the Strategic Defense Initiative, popularly known as “Star Wars.” After thirty-two years and tens of billions of dollars, defending the U.S. homeland against attack by strategic ballistic missiles still poses a daunting challenge. […]

China Fears U.S. Missile System in South Korea


Summary Editor’s Note: This piece lays out competing U.S. and Chinese strategies that underscore a controversy over a new U.S. proposal to deploy an anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea. An earlier analysis explored the tensions between Washington and Seoul over […]

Solid missile defense budget planning needed for 2015

Lt. Gen. Edward G. Anderson III (ret.)

Today, the prospect of a nuclear deal with Iran garners front page headlines. The heated debate – like many of its kind – has brought with it congressional rancor riddled with political maneuvering. While curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions is the […]


Navy Ohio Replacement (SSBN[X]) Ballistic Missile Submarine Program: Background and Issues for Congress

Ronald O'Rourke

Summary The Navy’s proposed FY2016 budget requests $1,390.7 million for continued research and development work on the Ohio replacement program (ORP), a program to design and build a new class of 12 ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) to replace the Navy’s […]

How Worried Should Seoul Be About North Korea’s Missiles?

Tae-Jun Kang

Does South Korea need THAAD to defend against Pyongyang’s missiles? Seoul has been wrestling with the question of whether to support the deployment of the U.S.-backed Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile system (THAAD) in South Korea. Given that the […]