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Putin’s Treaty Problem: The Lessons of Russia’s INF Treaty Violations

Tom Karako

On September 11, 2013, Vladimir Putin penned an op-ed in the New York Times, objecting to possible intervention in Syria on the principled basis of international law and sovereignty: “The law is still the law, and we must follow it […]

Is Ballistic Missile Defense In Europe Anti-Russian? Many Conservatives Think So

Mark Adomanis

In the long argument about the advisability of ballistic missile defense in Eastern Europe, American conservatives were insistent that the proposed installations presented no threat whatsoever to Russia’s massive nuclear arsenal. The official line of argument was that the installations […]

Aegis, Missile Defense and the US Pivot

Robert Holzer and Scott Truver

Geopolitical developments across the Western Pacific region are generating a rise in military modernization efforts among U.S. allies and partners and other countries.  One of the military systems receiving increased focus and resources is missile defense—especially ship-based defenses against cruise […]

National Security Must Be Top Priority in Missile Defense

The ChosunIlbo

Russia on Friday voiced opposition against the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea, claiming it would “inevitably have a negative impact on the strategic situation in the region and could provoke an arms […]


Russia Appears to Be Violating the INF Treaty

Mark B. Schneider & Keith B. Payne

In 1987, the Reagan administration concluded the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty with the Soviet Union. It prohibits the development, testing, possession, and deployment of INF-range (500- to 5,500-kilometer) ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles. The treaty has been lauded often […]

An Iron Dome for America?

Rebeccah Heinrichs

The Israeli missile-defense system known as Iron Dome once again finds itself in the international spotlight, causing many Americans to wonder if the U.S. has anything comparable. Here are a few important points about Iron Dome and missile defense in […]