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How Putin uses missile defence in Europe to distract Russian voters

NATO Review Magazine

Last December, while we busied ourselves with holiday preparations, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin found time to sign an updated version of Russia’s military doctrine. Despite this, the logic behind one of Russia’s classic grievances against the West – the deployment […]

U.S., Russia should return to on-site inspections for treaty claims

Scott Ritter

The ongoing diplomatic back-and-forth between the United States and Russia would have you believe that the future viability of the history-making Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty is nil. That would represent a major setback for arms control — and the security […]

Poland’s desire to be shielded

Debalina Ghoshal

As Russia deploys “Iskander” tactical nuclear missiles to Kalingrad, the country’s westernmost territory, Poland’s apprehensions have increased, with Warsaw calling the move “disturbing” and “alarming”. This is an understandable reaction when considering that Kalingrad borders Poland, a former satellite state […]

No, China Can NOT Shoot Down 90% of Hypersonic Missiles

Zachary Keck

A number of media outlets have reported in recent days that China has deployed a new missile defense system on many of its ships that has a 90 percent success rate against hypersonic missiles. The same reports also unwittingly highlight […]

The North Korean Threat: Nuclear, Missiles and Cyber

Sung Kim

Testimony of Sung Kim, Special Representative for North Korea Policy to South Korea, before the House Foreign Affairs Committee Mr. Chairman, Ranking Member Engel, and Members of the Committee, thank you for inviting me today, along with my colleagues from Treasury and […]