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Why Putin’s ICBM Announcement Does Not Signal a New Nuclear Arms Race

Adam Mount

The Russian President’s announcement was entirely in line with previous expectations, and won’t add new capabilities to Moscow’s arsenal. Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave brief remarks at the opening ceremony of ARMY-2015, an exposition where Russia’s defense contractors […]

What a Yemeni Missile Teaches Us About the Iran Deal

Thomas Karako

One may be forgiven for not noticing that Saudi Arabia on June 6 used Patriot missiles to intercept a Scud-class missile fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Besides adding the Saudis to the very short list of states that have […]

Missile Defense Strategy ‘Not Sustainable,’ Salvation Lies In R&D

Sydney J. Freedberg, Jr.

CAPITOL HILL: America’s missile defense strategy is “not sustainable,” the deputy director of the Missile Defense Agency said today. We can’t keep buying multi-million-dollar interceptors to shoot down adversaries’ ever-growing arsenals of much cheaper offensive missiles, said Brig. Gen. Kenneth […]

FPI Bulletin: Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program Mirrors Nuclear Pursuit

Tzvi Kahn

Iran’s continued development of its ballistic missile program demonstrates its determination to acquire a nuclear weapon despite ongoing negotiations with the P5+1. As the foremost delivery mechanism for any nuclear payload, ballistic missiles constitute an indispensable component of Iran’s nuclear […]