Here’s What a Shooting War in the East China Sea Might Look Like

This article by Joe Pappalardo appeared in Popular Mechanics at This past weekend China escalated tensions in the East China Sea by unilaterally establishing what it calls an Air Defense Identification Zone that includes islands claimed by other nations. […]


Ship-Based Attack on Hollywood

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld has said that the greatest threat posed to the United States is from a ship-launched ballistic missile. This movie shows a tanker off the coast of California launches a Scub-B, armed with a 15 kiloton warhead, […]


Ballistic Missile Attack on Los Angeles

In this scenario, a Chinese CSS-4 ballistic missile armed with a nuclear warhead strikes an undefended Los Angeles, killing one and a half million people.


Chinese Attack on Russia

Russia possesses the only operational ballistic missile defense system in the world. This animation depicts a ballistic missile launched from China which is then detected in space and by land based radar before the warhead is intercepted.


AEGIS Sea-Based Interception

Alerted by spaced-based detectors, an AEGIS Standard Missile (SM-3) system destroys an in-bound nuclear ballistic missile launched from China.