Russia Drives HASC StratForces Markup: Weather Satellites, Missile Defense, & RD-180

Breaking Defense

CAPITOL HILL: Fear of the bear drives much of this year’s Strategic Forces subcommittee mark-up, from space launch rockets to nuclear warheads. But Rep. Doug Lamborn doesn’t think the draft language does quite enough about the resurgent threat of Russia […]

Turkey Shifts Away From West on Defense

The Wall Street Journal

ISTANBUL—Since the Ottoman Empire traded swords for guns two centuries ago, Turkey’s military has relied on Western arms and know-how. Now, the country’s leadership is pushing to end that arrangement in a shift that is rattling its North Atlantic Treaty […]

A war of values with Russia

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Russian authorities recently threatened to aim nuclear missiles at Danish warships if Denmark joins NATO’s missile-defense system. This was obviously an outrageous threat against a country that has no intention of attacking Russia. But it also reflects a more fundamental […]

Raytheon wins Poland’s missile defence tender – Gazeta Wyborcza


WARSAW, April 21 (Reuters) – Poland has chosen U.S. firm Raytheon, the maker of the Patriot missile, as the supplier for its medium-range missile defence system, Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reported on Tuesday. Airbus Helicopters’ Caracal EC725 has emerged as […]

Lockheed Martin Not Studying AAW for Aegis Ashore for MDA


Lockheed Martin is not currently studying adding an anti-air warfare (AAW) capability to the Navy’s two Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense (BMD) installations in Romania and Poland for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), the company said on Thursday correcting comments […]

Comments to the media by the NATO Spokesperson on NATO-Russia founding act, NATO Missile defence systems

EU Today

In view of misleading media reports, this is what NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu actually told a Russian news outlet on Saturday (3 April) in response to a series of questions about the NATO-Russia Founding Act and NATO missile defence. “Russia […]

Russia warned that it is ready to neutralize US anti-ballistic missile system

Russian Aviation

Russia is able to counter US anti-ballistic missile system, official representative of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alexander Lukashevich, said. Despite having such capabilities, Moscow would rather not use it, the representative added, RBC reports. «In order to keep the […]