Russia’s Nuclear Bluster: How Should America Respond?

Greg Thielman

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been shy in brandishing his country’s nuclear weapons. Not since Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev boasted of “producing missiles like sausages” and issued his warning to Western ambassadors that “we will bury you” has the […]

Russia To Launch Bulava Ballistic Missiles In Military Exercises By End Of 2015

International Business Times

Russia plans to perform several test-fire launches of its Bulava ballistic missiles by the end of 2015, according to a report. The launches will occur just weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the expansion of Russia’s nuclear arsenal in […]

Delay in completion of defense contracts worries Turkish Armed Forces

BGN News

From the Göktürk-1 surveillance satellite meant to monitor Turkey’s borders to the unmanned aerial drone ANKA and even missile batteries, the completion dates of several military defense contracts remain unknown, causing serious concern for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). Concerned […]

Why Putin’s ICBM Announcement Does Not Signal a New Nuclear Arms Race

Adam Mount

The Russian President’s announcement was entirely in line with previous expectations, and won’t add new capabilities to Moscow’s arsenal. Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave brief remarks at the opening ceremony of ARMY-2015, an exposition where Russia’s defense contractors […]

Global Missile Defense Systems Target Russia, China – Russian Security Head

Sputnik News

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said that Global missile defense systems are directed against Russia and China. ULAN UDE (Sputnik)– Global missile defense systems are directed against Russia and China, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said Thursday.“We know for sure […]


US missile deployment makes Poland and Romania ‘targets’, says Russia


Polish and US soldiers look at a Patriot missile defence battery during join exercises at the military grouds in Sochaczew, near Warsaw, March 21, 2015.Franciszek Mazur/Agencja Gazeta/Reuters Poland and Romania have turned themselves into Russian targets in a potential conflict, […]

Turkey-China missile deal stalls over technology transfer

Want China Times

Ismail Demir, head of Turkey’s Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, has said the nation has not yet made a final decision regarding the purchase of the FD-2000, the export version of the Chinese HQ-9 air defense missile, because Beijing has not […]