Sanctions Prompt Putin To Deploy Iskander Missile

Sanctions Prompt Putin To Deploy Iskander Missile

WASHINGTON – In a meeting before the Russian National Security Council, President Vladimir Putin announced the end of cooperation between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, emphasizing the need for a buffer zone with the Western alliance and effectively […]

Poland needs nuclear arms to ward off Russia: Walesa

Agence France-Presse

Polish anti-communist icon Lech Walesa said Poland should procure nuclear weapons as a safeguard against Russia, which it blames for stoking the crisis in neighbouring Ukraine. “Poland needs to stand up to Russia,” the Nobel Peace laureate, who spearheaded Poland’s […]

To limit—or expand—missile defense

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Since 2002, when the United States withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the international arms control regime has included no limits on missile defense. Washington wants to keep it that way, insisting that it “will continue to reject any negotiated […]

US approves cruise missiles sale to Poland

Polskie Radio

The United States has agreed to authorize the sale of advanced AGM-158 cruise missiles, with the intention of increasing Poland’s deterrence capabilities in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. The AGM-158 is a missile which can be launched from Poland’s […]

General Breedlove thanks Spain for PATRIOT commitment


MONS,  Belgium  18 September 2014 — General Philip M. Breedlove thanked Spain for its recent decision to provide PATRIOT missile batteries and 130 soldiers to augment NATO’s defensive deployment in southern Turkey.  The Alliance deployed six batteries in 2013 to augment […]

If Scots vote for independence, Britain’s nuclear subs might need a new home

Stars and Stripes

Britain will have to seek alternative locations for its nuclear submarines should Scotland vote for independence Thursday if NATO is to maintain a nuclear deterrent with more than just U.S. firepower. Britain has no existing infrastructure capable of meeting the […]

Turkey Bypasses China, Talks With France Over Missile Purchase

Aydinlik Daily

According to Turkish media sources, Turkey is seeking to work with French-Italian consortium Eurosam instead of Chinese defence company CPMIEC regarding the purchase of the long-range missile system. Mehmet Ocaktan, a columnist from Akşam newspaper who attended President Erdogan’s closed-door […]