Spain: Patriots to remain in Turkey until NATO decides otherwise

Today's Zaman

Spain‘s defense minister has said Patriot missile systems operated by Spanish soldiers in southern Turkey will remain there until NATO decides to remove them, a statement that seeks to eliminate confusion over the future of Spanish Patriots in Turkish territory. […]

Russia Nearing Deployment of New Intermediate-Range Naval Missile

The Washington Free Beacon

Russia is nearing deployment of a new missile capable of targeting all of Europe with nuclear or conventional warheads, according to defense officials. Disclosure of the new SSN-30A missile threat comes as Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Thursday warned that […]

Defence Minister: Deveselu Base works on schedule, to be finalised in Sept.-Oct.

Nine O'Clock

The works at Deveselu Base are on schedule and are nearing completion, so that they will be finalised in September-October and the deadlines set with the U.S. partner will be observed, National Defence Minister Mircea Dusa told Agerpres on Wednesday. […]

Future of NATO Patriots in Turkey depends on threat assessment, NATO says

Today's Zaman

A NATO official has said that the current mandate over the Patriot missile batteries that were deployed to Turkey to enhance the country’s air defense against the Syrian regime about three years ago runs until the end of this year […]

U.S. Says It Will Remove Patriot Missile Defense From Turkey In October


Two years after the United States deployed the Patriot missile defense system to Turkey, a NATO ally, the system will be withdrawn, the countries announced today. In a joint statement, Turkey and the U.S. said that the air-defense units would […]

Poland, Romania Lead E. Europe Missile Defense Efforts

Defense News

WARSAW — Poland and Romania are leading Eastern European efforts to boost allied air and anti-missile defense capabilities. The two countries have been closely cooperating with NATO and are set to host US-made interceptors on their soil largely as a response […]

A Looming Crisis of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty: Sources and Consequences

Yury Fedorov

Did Russia violate the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty (INF) by recently testing a new ground-launched cruise missile (GLCM)? Yury Fedorov believes so. He also thinks it spells bad news for the INF, the strategic rim stretching from the Baltic to […]