US missile agency praises US firms’ rival in Turkish race

Hurriyet Daily News

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency has awarded its “Technology Pioneer Award” to a European system currently competing with a U.S. partnership in a multibillion-dollar competition for a Turkish contract. The award went to the SAMP/T system, developed by the French-Italian […]

NATO Hopes To Boost Collective Maritime BMD Capability Through Exercises, Investments


The U.S. Navy and its NATO counterparts are discussing how to make maritime ballistic missile defense (BMD) training a routine event in Europe, in the hopes that countries will grow more comfortable working with one another in this warfare area […]

Poland to Buy U.S. Missile Shield, European Helicopters

The Wall Street Journal

WARSAW—Poland on Tuesday said it planned to split $8 billion in planned missile-defense and military-helicopter purchases between U.S. and European contractors, in a sign that European military spending is increasing as countries react to the Ukraine conflict. Raytheon Co. ’s […]

Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu: More intense Russian rhetoric expected on missile defence


Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu expects more intense declarations of Russia against the missile defence facility in Deveselu, but says Romania – a NATO member with a “consistent presence” of US and allied troops on its soil – should not […]

NATO consistently reviews security situation around Turkey


NATO is consistently reviewing the security situation around Turkey and will take decisions accordingly, an official of the Alliance exclusively told Trend Oct. 16. Asked about how the withdrawal of Patriot systems from Turkey might affect that country’s security, the […]

US Patriot Missile Batteries Completely Removed From Turkey

Today's Zaman

The United States Patriot missile batteries that had been deployed in Turkey’s Gaziantep province as part of a NATO mission to enhance Turkey’s air defense against a possible threat from the Syrian regime were completely removed from Turkey as of […]

U.S. pulling missile defense batteries from Turkey

Washington Examiner

The U.S. is moving forward with plans to remove its Patriot missile defense systems from Turkey despite recent escalations in the region, including Iran testing a new long-range ballistic missile over the weekend. Iranian Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan […]