As tensions rise, Pentagon beefs up missions in Europe

Marine Corps Times

As the nation’s eyes are on the Ebola outbreak and the fight with Islamic State militants, the situation in Europe is getting decidedly colder — think Cold War. In mid-October, two U.S. Navy ships steamed into the Black Sea; hundreds […]

Why Germany Shouldn’t Go it Alone on Missile Defense

Later this year Germany has to choose between acquisition of the Patriot system, which is used by many other NATO countries, or the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS), which will be under development at least until 2018 and has […]


U.S. Navy opens ballistic missile defense facility in Romania

United Press International

Part of the Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system. Lockheed Martin DEVESELU , Romania, Oct. 14 (UPI) – The U.S. Navy has established a support facility in Romania as part of NATO’s overall ballistic missile defense system. The Naval Support […]

INTERVIEW MAE’s Aurescu: Deveselu shield, a strictly defensive system not designed against anyone particularly


State Secretary for Strategic Affairs with Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) Bogdan Aurescu told AGERPRES in an interview on Wednesday that the geographical area around Romania is increasingly more vulnerable to ballistic missile threats, and the missile defence shield at Deveselu, […]

Foreign Ministry’s Aurescu: Steady pace of missile defense cooperation allows Deveselu base commisioning in 2015


Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) Bogdan Aurescu attended on Tuesday the meeting of the Romania – US Joint Committee that manages the implementation of the Agreement between Romania and the United States […]

Russia’s strategic nuclear potential to be upgraded by 2020

Russia Behind the Headlines

In reaction to NATO’s eastward expansion, Russia has created new types of ballistic missiles, is perfecting strategic aviation, building submarines and upgrading its outer space monitoring system. Moscow is accelerating the renewal of its nuclear deterrence capacities, with the complete […]