Turkey Bypasses China, Talks With France Over Missile Purchase

Aydinlik Daily

According to Turkish media sources, Turkey is seeking to work with French-Italian consortium Eurosam instead of Chinese defence company CPMIEC regarding the purchase of the long-range missile system. Mehmet Ocaktan, a columnist from Akşam newspaper who attended President Erdogan’s closed-door […]

US still advocating for Turkish missile bid


The U.S. government is continuing to advocate for the Patriot missile defense system offered by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin in a Turkish tender after Turkey cited disagreements with the Chinese firm that initially won the bid, a senior U.S. official […]

Turkey eyes domestic arms development in missile deal

Monitor Global Outlook

Turkey has begun talks with French defense contractor Eurosam over a national missile defense system, an indication Ankara will scuttle a previous deal with US-embargoed Chinese defense firm CPMIEC. The new deal is likely to retain lucrative technology-sharing agreements of […]