Pakistan is eyeing sea-based and short-range nuclear weapons, analysts say

The Washington Post

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — In one of the world’s most volatile ­regions, Pakistan is advancing toward a sea-based missile capability and expanding its interest in tactical nuclear warheads, according to Pakistani and Western analysts. The development of nuclear missiles that could […]

Missile defense is not optional

Rebeccah Heinrichs

This summer marked the ninth occasion on which hit-to-kill missile defense technology proved its worth. The GMD interceptor (which stands for Ground-Based Midcourse Defense) destroyed a target ballistic missile above the earth’s atmosphere in June. This demonstrated once again that hit-to-kill technology […]

If Scots vote for independence, Britain’s nuclear subs might need a new home

Stars and Stripes

Britain will have to seek alternative locations for its nuclear submarines should Scotland vote for independence Thursday if NATO is to maintain a nuclear deterrent with more than just U.S. firepower. Britain has no existing infrastructure capable of meeting the […]