On land and sea, China’s nuclear capability growing

Stars and Stripes

A Standard Missile-3 interceptor launches from the USS Lake Erie during a test in September 2013. Some Chinese officials have cited U.S. ballistic missile defense and U.S. military conventional strike capability as reasons for the need to upgrade their nuclear […]

NATO-based nuclear weapons are an advantage in a dangerous world

Brent Scowcroft, Stephen J. Hadley and Franklin Miller

Brent Scowcroft was national security advisor to Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush. Stephen J. Hadley was national security adviser to President George W. Bush. Franklin Miller was responsible for U.S. nuclear policy in the Defense Department for Presidents […]

Pakistan’s Battlefield Nuclear Weapons and the Limits of the NATO Analogy

Jaganath Sankaran

NATO’s perceived military inferiority against Warsaw Pact forces is regularly called upon to justify Pakistan’s pursuit of battlefield nuclear weapons. Yet, as Jaganath Sankaran reveals, there’s plenty of historical evidence to suggest that Islamabad should not rely on such weapons […]

Should Iranian ballistic missiles be curbed in the nuclear deal?

Debalina Ghoshal

As the P5+1 nuclear deal is progressing and signs of progress with the deal is reflected in Iran “neutralising” half of its higher enriched uranium, yet Western apprehensions on Iran’s ability to possibly develop nuclear weapons continue. Enrichment of uranium […]