What Japan’s Defense White Paper Says About North Korea

The Diplomat

Pyongyang’s ballistic missile program is “profoundly worrisome” to Tokyo. The 2015 defense white paper, compiled by the Japanese Ministry of Defense titled “Defense of Japan 2015,” highlights Tokyo’s growing concern over the radicalization of North Korea’s military in the face of Kim […]

Here’s the kind of damage North Korea could do if it went to war

Jeremy Bender

Tensions spiked between North and South Korea over the weekend after a string of escalations that started with a North Korean land mine seriously injuring two South Korean soldiers on August 4. On August 20, the Koreas exchanged artillery fire […]

Nuclear Ballistic Missiles: The Deadly Missile Race

Defence News

Ballistic Missiles are a relatively quick, rather inexpensive and highly symbolic way to demonstrate military capabilities. The cold war was an unquestionable proof of how the US & the Soviet Union was struggling to maintain strategic stability by always striving […]