Affirming Extended Deterrence

Dr. Robert Butterworth

Sixty-­‐nine years ago, Bernard Brodie published his famous precept about the consequences of the atomic bomb: “Thus far the chief purpose of our military establishment has been to win wars.  From now on its chief purpose must be to avert […]

Russia ‘aggression': US nuclear missile commander says Vladimir Putin’s actions echo those of Nazi Germany in the 1930s

The Independent

The US commander in charge of most of America’s nuclear missiles has warned that too much power is concentrated in the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and drawn parallels between Russia’s recent behaviour and that of Nazi Germany. Lieutenant […]

Report: U.S. Must Modernize, Update Nuclear Strategy for New Century

The Washington Free Beacon

America must change its policies regarding its nuclear weapons arsenal if it wishes to remain safe in the coming century, according to a new study from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Clark Murdock, an expert in strategic […]